A little Dream
Alluring Black (LE „Fabulous Beauty Gala“)
Be divine!
Beach Babe
Before Sunrise – Swatch
Blue Galaxy (LE „Fly me to the moon“)
Blue Lagoon (LE „Pool Side Party“)
Blueberry Passion (LE „All about berries“)
Break the rules!
Bronzed Glow (LE „Catch the Glow2)
Brown Splendor (LE „Gold & Crown“) – Design 1
Business Woman
California Girl
Candy Cane (LE „I feel pretty“)
Casual Queen
Celebrating Red (LE „All you need is… love & joy“)
Chilling Noon (LE „Daytime vs. Nightlife“)
Chilly Breeze (LE „Catch the Glow“)
Cool Plum (LE „Snow kissed!29
Copper Flash (LE „Catch the Glow“)
Cotton Candy (LE „Cali Vibes“)- Design 1
Cranberry Passion (LE „All about berries“)
Crazy Mademoiselle
Cream Maker – Design 1
Delightful Violet (LE „Meet me in Venice“)
Diva expressiva
Dress + Go!
Elegant Grey (LE „Mirror Mirror on the Wall“)
End up glamorous! – Design 1
Eternal – Swatch,Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4, Design 5, Design 6
Eternal Rose (LE „Keep the Secret“)
Even now! (LE „Winter… who cares?“)
Exciting Midnight (LE „Daytime vs. Nightlife“)
Fancy Fairytale
Fantastic Night (LE „Daytime vs. Nightlife“)
Fascinating Girl (LE „A Night to remember“)
Feel tropical!
Festive Gold (LE „All you need is… love & joy“)
Flashy (LE „Wild me up!“)
Flashy (LE „Gold & Crown“)
Flirtin‘ Purple (LE „Summer Attack“)
For that reason! (LE „Winter… who cares?“)
Forbidden (LE „Wild me up!“)
French Kiss
Fresh Sister
Frosted Mint
Frozen Lavender (LE „Snow kissed!“)
Fruity quince (LE „Beauty Stories“)
Funky Babe
Get fancy!
Get gorgeous!
Glamorous Sound (LE „Let’s Rock“)
Go Crazy!
Go dangerous!
Go Gold
Golden Glow (LE „Mirror Mirror on the Wall“)
Good Morning (LE „Daytime vs. Nightlife“)
Gorgeous (LE „Red I love u!“)
Grande Dame
Grape Passion (LE „All about berries“)
Green Garden (LE „Dress Code Happy“)
Green Palm Tree (LE „Summer Attack“)
Grey Galaxy (LE „Fly me to the moon“)
Happy Bride
Heavenly Girl
Hold me tight!
Hot berry (LE „Summer Attack“)
Hot Tango
I don’t care! (LE „Winter… who cares?“)
I got you babe
Illuminating Green (LE „Inspired by Light“) – Design 1
Jazzy (LE „Gold & Crown“)
Just fantastic!
Just married!
Keep in touch
Kingly Gift
Lemon Drop (LE „Summer Attack“)
Let’s Dance
Like a movie star
Little Princess – Design 1, Design 2
Love Agent
Love Connection
Lovely Beauty
Lovely Madness
Lovely Rock (LE „Let’s Rock“)
Luminous Blue (LE „Inspired by Light“)
Luxury Miss (LE „A Night to remember“)
Magic Purple (LE „Keep the Secret“)
Mango Sorbet (LE „Dress Code Happy“)
Midnight Romance
Midnight Vamp
Milky Lilac (LE „Cali Vibes“)- Design 1
Miss Velvet
Mocca Splash (LE „I feel pretty“)
Molten Bronze (LE „Keep the Secret“)
Muy preciosa! (LE „Viva Argentina“)
Never 2 much
Never mind! (LE „Winter… who cares?“)
No matter! (LE „Winter… who cares?“)
Noble Black (LE „All you need is… love & joy“)
One & Only
Pearly yellow (LE „Color me softly“)
Pink it up!
Play up! (LE „Winter… who cares?“)
Pleasant Afternoon (LE „Daytime vs. Nightlife“) – Swatch
Plum Passion (LE „All about berries“)
Powder Pink (LE „Dress Code Happy“)
Powerful Emerald (LE „Keep the Secret“)
Powerful Ivy (LE „Beauty Stories“)
Purple Charism (LE „Gold & Crown“)
Ready to Rock!
Red Glamour (LE „Gold & Crown“)
Red Lady
Red Volcano
Road Runner – Design 1
Satellite dreams
Schürzenjagd (LE „Aufgebrezelt“)
Screaming (LE „Wild me up!“) – Design 1, Design 2
Seductive – Swatch
Sensual Purple (LE „Mirror Mirror on the Wall“)
Sensual Red (LE „Fabulous Beauty Gala“)
Shining Star (LE „A Night to remember“)
Simply matte nail top coat
Smooth Gem (LE „Catch the Glow“)
Smooth Rosé (LE „Meet me in Venice“)
Sparkling Petrol (LE „Mirror Mirror on the Wall“)
Sparkling Surprise
Sparkling White (LE „Inspired by Light“)
Strawberry Frosting
Strawberry Passion (LE „All about berries“)
Summer Calling
Summer lovin‘
Sweet Darling
Sweet elegance
Sweet like sugar
Tangerine Twist (LE „Summer Attack“)
Tell me a secret!
Toffee Cream (LE „I feel pretty“)
Trendy Performance (LE „Vintage Glamour“)
Turquoise Galaxy (LE „Fly me to the moon“)
Urban Queen – Swatch
Vibrant Chestnut (LE „Beauty Stories“)
Vintage Lily (LE „Dress Code Happy“)
Violet Glace – Swatch
Wild Miss
Wintry blue (LE „Snow kissed!“)
Wow, wow, wow!