1000 Miles away
A Hint of Love
A piece of forever (LE „The Twilight Saga -Breaking Dawn- Part 2“)
A Walk in the Park (Colour³)
absolute pure
Absolutely Blue
Alice had a vision – again (LE „The Twilight Saga -Breaking Dawn- Part 2“)
Alpha Better Gamma (LE „Class of 2013“)
Antique Pink (LE „Vintage District“)
Apricot Cockatoo (LE „Exit to Explore“) – Swatch
Baby, you’re a firework
Ballerina’s Charm
Be berry now – Design 1
Be Flowerful (LE „Floral Grunge“)
Be my lucky Star
Beauti-Fall Red (LE „Hello Autumn“)
Bella („Nail Art Twins reloaded“)
Berry me Home (LE „Home Sweet Home“)
Best dressed – Swatch
Best Female (LE „Rock out!!“)
Best Hip Hop (LE „Rock out!!“)
Best Pop (LE „Rock out!!“)
Best Rock (LE „Rock out!!“)
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (LE „Cinderella“)
Bird of Paradise
Black Cats Wanted (LE „Midnight Masqerade“) – Design 1
Black dress and white tie
Black is back
Black to the roots (LE „Floral Grunge“)
Blurry up! (Top Coat)
Boho chic
Brazil jungle
Break Through
Break Through Alt
Bubble Gum (LE „Yes, we pop!“)
Bubble Gum
Caramel Brownie
Caramel cheese cake (LE „Home Sweet Home“)
Charlie seen in green (LE „Hello Autumn“)
Chic reloaded
chrome paradise
Circus Confetti
College Hero (LE „Class of 2013“)
Cookie Love
Cookies & Cream
Cool Azul (LE „Viva Brasil“)
Cool Breeze
Cotton Candy
Crack me! Black (Nail Art Cracking)
Crack me! Mauve (Nail Art Cracking)
Crazy fancy love
Crazy in love (LE „Hugs & Kisses“)
Crew First! (LE „Nauti Girl“) – Design 1
Dancing in the streets (Colour³)
Dare it nude
Dare to kiss
Delicate but determined (LE „Oz the great and powerul“)
Destination Sunshine (LE „Ready for Boarding“)
Disco Disco
Do the Rittberger (LE „Ice Ice Baby“) – Swatch
Do you speak love?
Dreams for sale (LE „Hugs & Kisses“)
Edward’s Love (LE „The Twilight Saga -Breaking Dawn- Part 2“)
Elves like lilac (LE „Fantasia“)
English Rose
Enter Wonderland (LE „Hidden Stories“) – Swatch, Design 1
Everybody Salsa (LE „Viva Brasil“) – Design 1
Fame fatal
Fantastic Girl (LE „Superheroes“) – Swatch
Flash Powder
Flashy Pumpkin
Forgive me
Free Hugs
Front Row or Backstage (Colour³)
Galactic Glam
Get Arty (LE „Vintage District“)
Get the party started
Girls just wanna have sun! (LE „Beach Cruisers“)
Girls night out
Glitter on me
Glitz & Glam
Glorious Aquarius
Go, Sightseeing! (LE „Girls on tour“)
Gold Digger (LE „Metal Glam“)
Gold Fingers
Good Girls wear Peach (LE „Good Girl Bad Girl“)
Good Witch (LE „Oz the great and powerul“)
Goofy-Blue (LE „Snow Jam“)
Gorgeous Bling Bling
Gothic Gold (LE „Dark Romance“)
Grab this Hype (LE „Yes, we pop!“)
Green Grass (LE „I love Berlin“)
Grey-t to be here
Grunge me tender! (LE „Floral Grunge“)
Happy Metal
Have you seen my Unicorn? (LE „Fantasia“)
Hazelnut Cream Pie
Headphones on!
Hello Hipsters (LE „Yes, we pop!“)
Hello Holo
Hello Summer! (LE „Sun kissed“)
Hey Smiley (LE „Yes, we pop!“)
Hey, nude! – Swatch
Hit the road, red! (LE „Road Trip“)
Holo topping, please
Hop on, hop off! (LE „Girls on tour“)
Hot Fruit Punch (LE „Home Sweet Home“)
I ♥ Brasil LE „Viva Brasil“)
I ♥ Magic – Design 1
I ♥ Summer Break (LE „Beach Cruisers“)
I don’t care! I love it! (LE „Road Trip“)
I feel gritty! (Top Coat)
I got a crush on blue! (LE „Love Letters“)
I Love Bad Boys
Ice Skates on!
Ice, ice Baby!
Icebreaker (LE „Ice Ice Baby“)
Iced Latte – Design 1
Iced strwaberry cream
Icy Fairy
Icylicious (LE „Me & My Ice Cream“)
I’m bluetiful
I’m lost in you
I’m so very
Indian Summer – Design 1
Inkheart (LE „Love Letters“)
It Peace (LE „Urban Messages“)
It wasn’t me! (LE „Good Girl Bad Girl“)
It’s hot stuff
It’s khaki time!
It’s purplicious
It’s raining men!
Jacob’s Protection (LE „The Twilight Saga -Breaking Dawn- Part 2“)
Jewels in the pool
Julia (Nail Art Twins reloaded)
Junior Championship (LE „Ice Ice Baby“)
Ka-Ka-Karnival (LE „Viva Brasil“)
Keep Calm & Go For A Walk (LE „Hello Autumn“)
Keep calm and go to the beach! (LE „Beach Cruisers“)
Kiss me, Freddy
Kiss on top of the rock (Colour³)
Laser Show
Late at night – Design 1
Let it snow (LE „Happy Holidays“)
Let’s get lost
Life is a beach (LE „Beach Cruisers“)
Life is a Freeride (LE „Snow Jam“)
Lilac is my style (LE „Snow Jam“)
Lily Bloom (LE „Floral Grunge“)
Love potion! (Nail Art Magnetics)
Lovely, maybe
Love’s recipe
Macaron, c’est bon (LE „Cookies & Cream“)
Madly Purpled (LE „Floral Grunge“)
Magic red carpet (Nail Art Magnetics)
Magic wand (Nail Art Magnetics)
Master of illusion (LE „Oz the great and powerul“)
Mauserl (LE „Oktoberfest“)
Mauvellous Fairy (LE „Hidden Stories“) – Swatch
Me & my lover
Meet my Pumpkin (LE „Hello Autumn“)
Miss Frost (LE „Winter glow“) – Swatch
Miss Lavender (Show your feet) – Design 1
Miss Navy (LE „Nauti Girl“) – Design 1
Miss universe
Mister rusty
Modern Romance
Modern Romance Alt
More than words (LE „Hugs & Kisses“)
Mr Big (Nail Art Twins reloaded)
Mrs and Mr glitter
My Love Diary – Swatch
My sweet escape (LE „Road Trip“)
Na-Rock (LE „Tribal Summer“)
Naughty and pink!
New York City Call
Night in vegas
Off to Miami!
Oh my glitter!
On the road again (LE „Road Trip“)
Once I was an angel (LE „Good Girl Bad Girl“)
Only Purple Matters
Over the rainbow
Party all night long (Colour³)
Party Crasher
Party in a bottle
Peach & Cream
Pink & Proud
Pixie Dust
Play ist cool!
Power Girl (LE „Superheroes“)
Prince Charming (LE „Cinderella“)
Pure Soul
Put of the forest (LE „Wild Craft“)
Queen of my cloud castle (LE „Fantasia“)
Red-y to Relax (LE „Home Sweet Home“)
Rock my world
Rosewood Hood (LE „Wild Craft“)
School’s out forever (LE „Class of 2013“)
Shopping @ Portobello Road (LE „Vintage District“)
Shopping Trip in Soho (Colour³)
Sing, sweet Nightingale (LE „Cinderella“)
Snow Alert! (LE „Mountain Calling „) – Design 1
Snow Alert! (LE „Mountain Calling „)
Soak up the Sun (LE „Sun kissed“)
Space Queen
Sparkling Water Lily
Spatzl (LE „Oktoberfest“)
stamp me! Black (Stamping-Lack)
stamp me! Silver (Stamping-Lack) – Design 1
Steel-ing the scene (LE „Metal Glam“)
Steel-ing the scene (LE „Metal Glam“)
Stop for an ice cream (Colour³)
Sugar Baby Love (LE „Hugs & Kisses“)
Sunset Paradise (LE „Sun kissed“)
Super, Man! (LE „Superheroes“)
Sweet as candy
Sweet or nude?
Sweet Suprise (Colour & Change)
Ta-La-Ra (LE „Tribal Summer“)
That’s my pop cake!
That’s what I mint
The Awesome (LE „Superheroes“)
The Black Cat
The Boy next door
The Glass Slipper (LE „Cinderella“)
The Green & the Grunge
The heat is on
The Iced (LE „Winter? Wonderful!“)
The Incredible (LE „Superheroes“)
The Most Wonderful Tree (LE „Come to Town“)
Ticket to the Show (Colour³)
Time for romance
Tip-Ya-Yeah (LE „Tribal Summer“)
Top of the Ice-Stream (LE „Snow Jam“)
Tree hugging (LE „Wild Craft“)
Ultimate Pink
Upper green Side
Vintage Peach (LE „Vintage District“)
Voyage, Voyage! (LE „Girls on tour“) – Design 1
Waka waka (LE „Tribal Summer“)
Walk on the wild side
Wanna be your Sunshine
warm my heart!
We rock the green
White Secret
Wild white ways – Design 1
Winds of change (LE „Oz the great and powerul“)
Winged Wonder (LE „Oz the great and powerul“)
Wish List Secrets! (Nail Art Magnetics)
With X’s and O’s (LE „Hugs & Kisses“)
Yeah, Copacabana! (LE „Viva Brasil“) – Swatch
You and me? – Swatch
You’ve got the art (LE „Whoom! Boooomm!!“)
You wow’d me again
Yummi, Yummi! (LE „Cookies & Cream“)