A Part Of You (LE „X-Mas under palms“) – Swatch
Absolutely Fuchsia
Big Apple Shopping (LE „Shop Till You Drop Collection“)
Crazy Flamingo
Denim on the rocks (LE „Golden Roller Girls“) – Design 1
Diamond Couture (LE „Shop Till You Drop Collection“)
Flying Angel (LE „Shop Till You Drop Collection“)
Gorgeous Beach Life (LE „Cruising in Miami – Beach Bikers on Tour“) – Swatch, Design 1
Lilac Powder – Design 1
Naked Venus (LE „Yachting Holidays“) – Swatch, Design 1
New Nobility (LE „Shop Till You Drop Collection“)
Red beach chair (LE „X-Mas under palms“) – Swatch
Rockstar babe (LE „Colourful Night Life Miami Ocean Drive“)
Scandalous lives of N.Y.
Something Blue – Swatch, Design 1
Starlight – Design 1
Stiletto Lady – Swatch, Design 1
Sun & Fun (LE „Aloha Hawaii) – Swatch, Design 1
Surfing Crocodile – Design 1, Design 2
Sweet Lipstick
Sweet Paradise (LE „Yachting Holidays“) – Design 1, Design 2
Upper east side chick – Design 1
Velvet Chinchilla – Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4
Walk of Fame – Design 1
Wild at Heart (LE „Golden Roller Girls“)